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I am Keith Smith from Waterproof, LA. I would like to welcome you to my team’s website, Team Kick Dis Pig. Some of you may be wondering how the name “Kick Dis Pig” came about. Well, it all started in 2007, when I was in someone else’s living room every night sharing the wonderful concept of Team National. At the beginning of my Team National adventure, Brad Barton closed almost every meeting for me. This particular evening, I was sharing Team National with three couples, two of which were married and one couple was engaged. At the end of the presentation, I had six new business partners with four premium memberships. As I did every night, I called Brad on my way home to tell him about my meeting. When I told Brad that I had four premium memberships to put into the system, he said “Dude, how did you have four premiums with only three couples”? Well, the engaged couple each wanted their own membership!! I then followed up with I’M KICKIN DIS PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day, Brad called me with someone on the line wanting me to repeat what I had said …you know that I was “Kickin’ Dis Pig”. For those of you who do not know what “Kickin’ Dis Pig” means, that is Waterproof slang for working HARD, FAST, and GIVING 110%. And that my friend, is what it takes to get this adventure done. At the 2008 Grand National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Brad introduced me as the “Pig Kicker” from Waterproof, LA and the rest is history. Read More

Now that you know the history of my team’s name, I would like to share some of my history with you. I graduated high school and started farming cotton and soybeans, and farmed as many years as my banker would let me. After my farming career, I managed a bulk fuel facility for Exxon Mobile. During my ten years with the company, I obtained 2 additional facilities to manage. I had no time freedom and I was missing out on four very important things in my life. You see, I have four wonderful children, Amber, Bo, Kimmie and Ella-Grace and they are my “WHY” for building my Team National business.

In early 2007 a very good friend, Don Ashley “Big D”, thought enough of me to share Team National. I am forever thankful for God sending Big D to me with this indescribable opportunity. After joining Team National, I decided I was going to have a few temporary inconveniences for a lifetime of conveniences. I developed a “plan” I knew I was going to have to work on in order to build my dreams, not someone else’s dreams. In a short eight months, my 110% efforts replaced my “TRADITIONAL” job’ income and that is what allowed me to be a stay-at-home dad with a home based business, building my dreams, , and helping others to do the same. I have seen that anyone with a burning desire, work ethics, and self-belief can be a success with Team National. In my opinion, Team National is the best direct sales company in the United States. Yes, the United States! We are Americans doing business in America! In building my business, I stuck to the basics; used the system, ran through the numbers by saying less to more people, and continued helping others do the same. This is a people helping people business and that my friend is how life is intended to be.

God and Team National have blessed me with a lifestyle that I had only dreamed of. My new home and the places I have been able to experience with my children are wonderful. However, the personal growth, the person I have become, and the business partners (friends) I have made are priceless. Being able to help the people, who are willing to help themselves, is a true blessing.

This is the “Kick Dis Pig” website feel free to enjoy and use it while you accomplish what God has intended for your family….Time to build HIS KINGDOM, Family Values, and Financial Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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